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►Guitar Tablature◄

Finally there is a way for you to get the guitar or bass tab for any song that you want to learn!

♫ Electric

♫ Acoustic

♫ Lead

♫ Rhythm

♫ Rock

♫ Blues

♫ Jazz

♫ Metal

♫ Country

♫ You name it!!!


All transcriptions are done in Finale and sent as PDF files. Finale is the industry standard in professional sheet music engraving and publishing. The original Finale file will be provided upon request.

Custom music transcriptions can be ordered in either of the following formats:

1) Standard Music Notation with Tablature: This format has a standard notation staff on the top and the corresponding tablature staff underneath. The standard notation and tablature staves are properly notated. Your transcription will include the all important details of guitar techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bending, slides, tremolo picking, harmonics, whammy bar techniques, etc…

This format also includes a virtual instrument MP3 recording of the exact transcription with a click track. This MP3 serves as the ultimate practice tool for learning and mastering your custom tabs. I can even adjust the tempo to suit your needs and skill level. For a small additional fee, multiple MP3s at a variety of tempos can be provided. This allows you to maximize your practice by gradually and incrementally increasing your playing speed on your custom transcription. Many satisfied customers agree that the virtual instrument MP3 is the perfect way to learn your favorite music and have fun jamming along.

2) Simply Tablature: This format is ideal for the client who either doesn’t read music, prefers tablature only, or has a more limited budget. It does NOT include standard notation, rhythmic values of notes, barlines, or a virtual instrument MP3. It is super accurate tab that is properly notated with the correct symbols for guitar techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bends, slides, tremolo picking, harmonics, whammy bar techniques, etc… Additionally, time stamps are included on the transcription in order to help you match up the tablature to various locations of the recording or You Tube link being transcribed. Every effort is made to be sure that your music transcription is not only precise but also extremely easy to follow, understand, and reference back to the source material.

►Beyond Tablature◄

Here are some additional services that I also provide…

♫ Custom Chord Charts: Do you just need the chord changes for a song? I can figure it out and send you an accurate chord chart. All charts are done in Finale for that neat and professional appearance.

♫ Chords over Lyrics: Maybe you prefer learning songs by seeing the chord changes over the lyrics. I can do this in Microsoft Word and send it to you as a PDF file.

♫ Music Transposing: Get music and/or chord changes professionally transposed to any key.

♫ Standard Music Notation to Tablature Conversion: Get sheet music for any instrument converted into guitar tablature.

♫ Custom Music Arranging: Whether you want a song simplified, made more complex, or arranged for chord melody... I will create a custom guitar arrangement to meet your needs.

►Note for Note versus Economy Transcriptions◄

Note for note transcriptions include every little variation and detail in a guitar or bass part. If the second verse is strummed slightly different from the first verse, this is notated. If there is a repeating lick or riff that is sometimes played a little differently, each and every subtle change is notated. Approximately half of my jobs are note for note transcriptions.

Economy transcriptions, on the other hand, capture the essence of the song without worrying about every tiny little detail. Everything that is important is still accurately transcribed while avoiding all of the little variations that result in a longer transcribing time for me and a longer learning time for you. While I enjoy doing note for note transcriptions, I have found that many clients prefer the lower cost as well as the ease of learning involved in economy transcriptions. This is what ultimately led me to develop this popular format.

Please be aware that what many transcribers call note for note is actually equivalent to what I call an economy transcription. I have even had quite a few customers inform me that they prefer my economy transcriptions to note for transcriptions they have received elsewhere.

When you submit a song for a price quote, I will automatically assume that you want a note for note transcription unless you request otherwise. Be sure to inform me if your preference an economy transcription.


Do you use Guitar Pro, Sibelius, TablEdit, or another program? I can send you a MusicXML file of your custom transcription. This file type has compatibility across a broad range of music and tablature notation software. Go here for more information and a full list of applications that offer MusicXML support:



Prices are job specific and depend on the amount of time it will take to transcribe the material. A simple guitar riff will cost less than an entire song. A three minute blazing fast guitar solo will cost more than an easy three minute rhythm guitar part. Economy Transcriptions are less than Note for Note. Standard Music Notation with Tablature usually costs more than Simply Tablature. Custom Chord Charts are almost always less than Chords over Lyrics.

Here are the most important details that affect transcription pricing:

1) Preferred format

2) Economy Transcription vs. Note for Note

3) Length of parts to be transcribed

4) Overall complexity of the material

5) Single vs. multiple guitars

6) Speed of the parts to be transcribed

7) Recording quality and ease of hearing the parts to be transcribed

Minimum price per job…

Keep in mind that I am NOT selling from a catalog of transcriptions. Each job is custom crafted

for the individual client and is priced accordingly. Because of the time involved in setting up a

new Finale file, transcribing, exporting to PDF & virtual instrument MP3, attaching and sending

the completed transcription, etc… There is a minimum charge of $30 (USD) per transcription.

Free estimates…

Remember that estimates are free and you are never obligated to move forward.

►Custom Guitar Tabs Submission Guidelines◄

Clear communication and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance to me. Please be sure to follow these guidelines carefully so that I am able to provide you with an accurate price quote within the minimal amount of time.

1) Send me an email with an attached MP3 or similar audio file. Alternatively you can include a YouTube link to the song. PLEASE DO NOT send only an artist and song title and expect me to find it.

2) Explain which specific parts of the song you want transcribed. If you only need certain sections of the song then include the times, on the recording or YouTube video, of those sections. Here are some examples of good explanations that would allow me to send an accurate price quote: all guitars, rhythm guitar only, solo 1:25 – 2:15, main riff 0:02 – 0:15, chorus 0:44 – 1:07, verse + chorus 2:18 – 3:02, all guitar parts except 1:39 – 2:11. Please remember that it is extremely important that you provide the times for specific sections so that your needs are clear and there is absolutely no miscommunication.

3) Let me know your preferred format (Standard Music Notation with Tablature, Simply Tablature, Custom Chord Chart, Chords over Lyrics, etc…). I am happy to provide quotes for up to two of these formats if needed.

4) Let me know whether you need an Economy Transcription or Note for Note.

5) I will send you a free price quote with turnaround time.

6) If you accept the quoted price, I can take your payment securely through PayPal or by credit card.

7) I will send your custom music transcription to you by email within the quoted turnaround time.

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My name is Dave Taylor. I am the owner of Custom Guitar Tabs and personally do all of the custom transcriptions. I have done tablature and standard notation for well over a thousand songs in many different musical styles and have had hundreds of satisfied clients. I am a 1990 honors graduate of The Atlanta Institute of Music and have been a professional guitar player, teacher, and transcriber for over twenty years. I am passionate about listening to and learning new music and take tremendous pride in my craft. You can rest assured that I am 100% committed to providing you, the customer, with a quality of service and workmanship that will exceed your expectations.